Hi and welcome!  My name is Nicole.  I live in NJ and work part-time in NYC.  My house is overwhelmingly dominated by the testosterone  of my 3 sweet boys – my 2 sons and my husband – leaving me to defend my estrogen in the roles of mama, mama and honey.  Here you’ll find all of my musings about daily life and random crap. Enjoy!

And in case you missed the inital postings –

I know someone out there in internetland is thinking what the hell kind of name is mamamamahoney.  Or maybe no one gives a crap about my little blog, but since it is my son’s term of endearment for me, I thought I’d explain.  My oldest son, who shall from this point on  be affectionately known as “CheezWaster” (bet you are wondering about that one!) will call me a hundred times before I answer him.  My husband gets about 3 Daddys before he moves back to Mama or Mommy.  Well, after hearing my husband call me honey enough, he figured out that I’m more likely to respond to him after a few mamas if he throws in a honey.  He now goes with 2 mamas and a honey and I’m sold! Not to mention that it describes my lot in life perfectly – I’m two times a lady mom and once a honey! And there you have it (for anyone who cares!)

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