Posted by: mamamamahoney | November 6, 2009

Christmas is Coming

Is anyone else unnerved by the fact that the stores: 1) are already decorated for Christmas, 2) are already playing holiday music, and 3) are already doing Black Friday type weekend sales?  I know the economy sucks and all and the stores are trying to get people in to shop, but I literally went to the store on Sunday, November 1, where it looked like someone ate too much Halloween candy and suddenly barfed Christmas everywhere! 

Barfing Christmas

Barfing Christmas

It is a little too early.  Gone are the days where the Christmas music didn’t start until AFTER Thanksgiving.  I will admit that I am mostly done Xmas shopping.  I was a little afraid that with the economic problems there wouldn’t be that many good bargains come November and December (boy- was I wrong!), so I took advantage of a lot of summer sales.  Perhaps I should unleash Christmas early at home and start wrapping……and decorating……and making gingerbread.  There’s only a month and a half left before Xmas – what are you waiting for, people???!!!



  1. So with ya sista! I’m much more in the holiday spirit this year than the last several, but man! Where did Thanksgiving go? Apparently, the only people making money on that one are the grocery stores, so the malls have cart blanche to start Christmas. Ugh.

    😛 for having your Christmas shopping done! LOL! I started, but am not done. *hangs head in shame*

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