Posted by: mamamamahoney | November 5, 2009

The Beach – Free Fun in the Fall

Yesterday, the boys and I headed to the beach.  Yes – the beach in November!  Our beach (Point Pleasant, NJ) is lucky enough to have a small aquarium that is open all year.  CheezWaster was itching to go to an aquarium and since we had never visited this particular one, I thought it was the perfect time.  The aquarium is only 2 floors and not very large – perfect for toddlers.  When we arrived we were lucky enough to get there just in time to see the penguins fed.  Afterwards, we walked a little bit on the boardwalk and then headed onto the beach.  There were tons of shells to pick up and the kids loved seeing the bigger waves of autumn.  There was also tons of wildlife to be seen.  We chased seagulls, looked at some jellyfish that washed ashore and even stumbled across a half of a (sadly dead) starfish.  The kids had fun playing in the sand and just enjoying the beautiful day walking on the beach.  And so – did I.



  1. Awesome! Sounds like such a great day. Very jealous. I miss the beach…

  2. We’ve never been to Jenkinson’s Aquarium, but I’ve been meaning to take the kids for awhile. Was it expensive?

    • It was $10 for me, $6 for CheezWaster and the Destroyer was free.

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