Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 30, 2009

Ice Man Costume

So – if you are like me, your kid decides to pick the one character in the world that doesn’t have a pre-made, store-bought costume option.  CheezWaster decided he wanted to be Ice Man from the X-Men this year.

Ice Man from X-Men

This costume is relatively simple to make.  We purchased a boy’s light blue mock turtleneck unitard from an online dancewear company.  I was a bit upset that this wasn’t shiny spandex material when it arrived,  but the website didn’t really have pictures of the unitard colors either.  I think the shiny spandex would have made the costume a bit more true to the character.  We then purchased 2 types of wide ribbon – 1 piece of light blue and one piece of clear/white with silver sparkles.  We overlayed the ribbons and sewed them on to the costume – attaching them to the side and back seams of the unitard.  We then used silver trim to make the X in the middle of the belt.

We used a make-up set from Ice FX.  I found mine at Walgreens but also saw them at Party City and several other costume shops.  These sets come with everything you need to do the light blue makeup and ice crystals.  We added the ice crystals to CheezWaster’s eyebrows, cheeks and hands.  We also used a blue gel hair dye on his hair. And WHA-LA – there you have an Ice Man from X-men costume.



  1. That is so funny, my son loves iceman but decided to go with Ironman 🙂 love the costume you made 🙂

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