Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 27, 2009

Halloween and the Allergic Child

While I myself do not have a child with food allergies, I was a child with food allergies.  And Halloween, much like every other holiday that revolved around food, was no fun at all.  In light of having been through it and knowing what it was like, I always keep some non-food Halloween treats on hand, just in case.  We have in the past had people ask us if we had any nut-free candy (I always do!) and I’ve offered the non-food treats, to which they have always been appreciative and usually accept them over the candy.  I’ve also had friends who would pre-deliver special treats to the houses on their block and then take their kids with food allergies trick or treating to only these houses.  My treats this year are cute little Halloween pads and pencils.  Not the most exciting thing, but if you can’t have candy, it is probably like Christmas getting something other than candy at any house.  My mom also always keeps a roll of quarters by the door, just in case. 

This year, even though I was fortunate enough to outgrow (most of) my food allergies, I’ve thought long and hard about how I’m going to avoid the candy in the house, given I’m on Weight Watchers.  1) I’m just saying no.  2) I’m giving my kids neat little color changing Halloween books in their treat bags. 3) Depending on how much candy we get, the Halloween fairy might stop by our house and exchange most of it for a nice toy instead.  Save the kids’ teeth, Save mommy’s butt!


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