Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 22, 2009

Hours of Free Fun!

The holidays are quickly approaching and I’ve already started taking advantage of some of the online sales and coupons.  One added benefit of ordering stuff online (besides of course not having to venture to the store with 2 kids in tow and potentially catch swine flu!) is the bubble wrap, which can provide hours of free fun (for my kids at least).  The other night, the kids literally spent close to an hour and a half jumping around like lunatics on the massive box of bubble wrap we had left over from our new water cooler.  It looked like such fun that even I joined in (I wonder how many activity points I got for that?!).  The kids thought it was hilarious that when I jumped on the bubble wrap it sounded like fireworks going off.  I’ll be looking forward to many more nights of jumping around with my Bubble Wrap Maniacs before and after the holidays!
Bubble Wrap Fun

Bubble Wrap Fun

Bubble Wrap Jumping Maniac!

Bubble Wrap Jumping Maniac!



  1. What? No photo of you jumping around? 😉

  2. Ack! Stompasaurus! I always liked that Carter’s set. I guess I’ll see it again next winter when I pull it out of our boxes 🙂

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