Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 15, 2009

I’m Fragile!



I’m officially sick.  And I’ve officially decided that I’m fragile.  One chilly afternoon outside without a coat, being exposed to a kid with sniffles and getting the flu shot this week have all done me in.  Now, I’ve got head & chest congestion, a nasty cough, mad sniffles and a nose that is trying to run away from me.  AND it isn’t even winter yet!  UGH!  I’m hoping this is not an indication of things to come.  I’m already doing the Heebie jeebie swine flu stay away ritual. Then, I’m going to the doctor for drugs and Whole Foods for vitamins!  Stay well, friends.



  1. Yuck! Looks like a good weekend to stay inside and recuperate – feel better!

    • oh if that were only the case. I’ll be spreading my germs through PA this weekend – probably in the snow! :o(

  2. Awww! Feel better! Getting sick sucks. I plan on skipping all flu shots this year…as I do every year. LOL!

    • smart girl – look where getting the flu shot got me!

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