Posted by: mamamamahoney | October 1, 2009

Every 20 Minutes???

Parenting Magazine reported in its most recent issue (Oct. 2009) that:

The average toddler melts down every 20 minutes.

Uh-oh!  I’ve got 2 and we’re embarking on a 6+ hour drive to Virginia on Saturday.  Thank heavens for the portable DVD player and the stash of new stuff I’ve got for the kids.  I’ve got a backpack for each of them in which I’ve packed a few special snacks as well as various new toys/books picked up online or at the Target dollar spot.  I’ve also purchased a few new DVDs so the kids will be watching never before seen movies/cartoons.  Not to mention, I purchased them each a new toy for when we arrive at our destination.  Hopefully, this will help prevent at least a few meltdowns along the way.



  1. Ooh that’s this weekend? Have fun!! From my experiences driving to Pittsburgh, expect to stop at least twice. Even though you just want to get there already. We kept a blanket in the trunk and ate lunch outside both ways. There’s usually a patch of grass somewhere at the rest stop, and a little room to run off energy and stretch little legs when you’re done eating.

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