Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 24, 2009

Homework Exhaustion

On Tuesday, I was a bit surprised to see that CheezWaster came home with homework…..from nursery school!  It was just one ditto, however, it asked the children to trace over the words blue, red and yellow – 3 times each! (you know the dot form letters that teach you how to write?)  I thought this was a bit advanced since 1) the kids have not done any writing in class yet, 2) I’m sure there are kids in his class who don’t know how to write any letters at this point and now you’ve begun to ask them full words with which to start off . 

In any event, CheezWaster and I sat down at the table yesterday while The Destroyer napped.  We used colored pencils to go over the words (due to lack of instructions on the ditto).  After the first “blue” word, CheezWaster turns to me and says “Mama, I’m too tired to do this.  This is too much work.”  Classic – Rebelling homework in the 2nd week of nursery school!



  1. Yikes! That’s hard work when you’re three! Joshua can’t write any letters yet, that would be impossible for him.

  2. Darn it! I was going to have him finish my thesis. 😉

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