Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 18, 2009

Taking Care of Your Own Kids

I love my kids.  Some folks in my life will probably say I love them a little too much.  But, they are wrong.  I love them just the right amount.  I was raised in a home where my parents sacrificed so that they could be home to take care of me and my brothers.  My dad worked multiple jobs when my mom was a young mother, so she didn’t have to leave the kids with a babysitter.  My mom worked nights and went to school when I was in school, so that she could be home for me when school was finished.  I know in this day and age, it is sometimes impossible for a mother or a father to give up one income, but daycare and babysitters can also be costly.  I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of a stranger raising my children.  I find it becoming more and more OK with folks for them to just drop off their kids somewhere to do whatever it is they have to do.  Now, don’t get me wrong, a trip to any store without kids is a much easier, faster trip than with, however, this is not something that I prefer to do.  About the only place I won’t bring my kids with me is the doctor and that is just because I don’t want them exposed to anything they don’t need to be exposed to.  I spend time with my kids – quality time.  We play, we craft, we bake, we take day trips – among many other things.  I may only be home with my kids 4 out of 7 days a week, but I make sure that time is quality time.  And I know that my children are in good hands while I’m at work – hands that have been there before – and hands that provide the same quality time that was bestowed upon me. Each individual has their own parenting style, but if you are going to have children, then you have to be prepared to be a parent – and not just a part-time parent.  Chilren require 24 hour care.  I choose to be a hands-on parent.  My children mean more to me than any movie that is out this week or any sale at a store.  I know there is going to come a time when my kids will want nothing to do with me.  I see that in the teenage children of my friends.  SO, I’m taking advantage of my time with them now.  It goes so much faster than you know.



  1. Very true. I agree with you 100%. And I hope when we have kids that I have the patience you do to do all the crafts, games, trips, etc. you do with the boys. They always look to be having so much fun!

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