Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 10, 2009

The Fall

I love how you see ads for diet plans or diet pills and the people are like, “I lost 12 pounds and went down 2 dress sizes.”  YEAH RIGHT! I say.  I’ve now lost 22 pounds total and I’ve only moved down exactly 1 size.  You know how I can officially tell I’ve lost enough weight to move down a size?  My underwear is too big.  Because my pants and underwear have been bagging and sagging for the past few weeks, I decided to head to the Avenue today to pick up a few in between pieces of clothing while I continue my diet journeys (and because they’ve had some great email coupons this week).  I picked up some nice fall long sleeve tops, 2 pairs of shoes, some new underwear and a pair of jeans – all size 16 (some even 14/16).  This made me very happy today.  It helps me keep the faith that someday soon I WILL get back into my size 14s and maybe even my 12s.



  1. Nice! Congrats on going down a size. And I agree. 12 pounds does not make 2 sizes. Whatever! I’m down almost 30 and I’m only down one. Ugh. Sucks. I read somewhere that’s it’s 10 pounds for every size. Apparently not in my case. *rolleyes*

    • Don’t worry – 10 pounds gets me nothing, too. It is more like 20 for me.

  2. Hey, great job so far!

    I actually just read something about this somewhere…the smaller the sizes the less pounds between them. Someone was saying that when they went from a 14 to 12 it was about 15 pounds, but from an 8 to a 6 it was less than 10 pounds. If you think about percentage of weight lost that would make sense…at least in my pea brain. So, if you are going from a 6 to a 2 (two sizes that I will probably never be!) then 12 pounds might cover it!

    I’ve actually reached that point where I am not buying anything new until I can actually buy 12’s. My 14’s went from tight to pretty loose since I started WW, but the 12’s are not quite ready for me yet!!

    • Congrats to you, too! I’m still trying to get back into the 14’s – maybe the 12’s we’ll see.

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