Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 7, 2009

WW Update – Week 14

Pounds lost in week 14 : -.8 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 17.2 pounds

Damn you Sesame Place – why must you do me in every time???  Yesterday, we spent the day at Sesame Place with the kids and despite all of the exercise I got walking around and standing in line, I apparently still ate just enough crap to gain .8 of a pound.  So much for healthy food at kids’ amusement parks!  Though – I am a day earlier than usual for weigh-in.  I wonder if I would have weighed in on my typical Monday rather than Sunday this week, if I could have recouped that .8 of a pound.  Maybe, maybe not.  Here’s to hoping that next week is better than this one.  I’m starting to not like the fact the my weight loss is getting in line with the number of weeks I’ve been attending WW.  A few weeks ago, I was way ahead of the game.



  1. I gained last week too. Sucks. We’ll have better a better week this time around. And I’m way past the amount of weight v. number of weeks. LOL! Those number of weeks are WAY higher than how much I’ve lost, but eh. I’m less than I was a year ago at this time, so I’m ok with that.

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