Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 3, 2009

Real Chocolate for Dieters

Yes, folks.  It does exist.  And it is GO-OD!  Yesterday, I ventured into a store in Clark, NJ called Linda’s Diet Delights.  I found a great store filled with lots of diet-friendly, gluten free snacks and treats.  While I don’t need gluten free, I do need soy-free.  This was a bit of a challenge, as it is for me in most stores, but I did bring home a bag of treats to try out.  The first little gem I found are the Truffle Chocolates from Gayle’s Miracles.  She’s not kidding when she tells you they are miracles.  Firstly, they actually taste like chocolate.  No fake, wannabe chocolate flavors.  No nasty aftertaste.  I purchased the cappuccino version and I’m glad I only bought 2, because I probably would have eaten the entire bag, had I purchased one.  But, at 30 calories and 1 gram of fat each, that probably wouldn’t have even been so bad!  Yes, you read that correctly…….Real Chocolate for only 30 calories.  Secondly, there isn’t a load of crap in them.  Check out Gayle’s website for the nutritional information, as well as a nice, reasonably priced online store with lots of gifting options (think Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.)  Oh and if you need it, they are kosher!  I think Gayle just became my new best friend.



  1. Jealous of your closeness to real stores. We have NO candy stores here at all. The best we can do is Gertrude and Hawk about 25 minutes away. Ugh.

    I cheat and have a couple Hershey Kisses a day. Shhh…don’t tell anyone. I don’t count them. LOL!

  2. I won’t tell! that’s was diet friends are for. I mean really – if no one saw you eat it, did you really???

    • You have a point. It’s the whole if a tree feel in the woods argument. 🙂

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