Posted by: mamamamahoney | September 1, 2009

WW Update – Week 13

Pounds lost in week 13 : 1.2 pounds

Total weight lost so far : 18 pounds

And I’m back in the game!!!  After last weeks devastating gain (yes, any time I have to move the total weight lost down, it IS devastating), I vowed to remain good this week.  And while I did have a Slenderita (God Bless Rita’s and their tasty, fat free ice cream treats!) and some desserts at a picnic, I tried to make up for this by eating less at other meals and actually moving my ass a little.  Today, CheezWaster, the Destroyer and I ran races in the beautiful weather.  I honestly had to haul ass to keep up with CheezWaster (he likes to think he is Pietro/Quicksilver from X-men), but I didn’t at all feel out of breath.  I actually felt pretty damn good afterwards.  So, there is hope for me in the exercise department after all.  Maybe if it stays this cool/beautiful, this will be the motivation I needed to get out and start running.  That – and a decent pair of running sneakers.  Foot Locker, here I come!



  1. Yeah for losing!! I actually had a good week despite my friend being in town. No beer or hot dogs at the baseball games…willpower does work sometimes!

    If you are going to try running (even the mix of run/walk like I do) I highly recommend going to an actual running store to get some good shoes. They will normally analyze your gait (how you run) and help you pick shoes that are designed for how you run and provide proper support, cushioning etc. I didn’t believe there was a difference until I tried it! Also, take note of which shoes and sizes seemed best for you, let them know since it is your first purchase you want to really think about it. Both times I have been able to find the shoes cheaper online! And if you don’t find them cheaper you can just go back and give them the business!

    • Congrats to you for having a good week and willpower!

      Can you recommend a running store? I wouldn’t know where to start. Thanks.

  2. Woohoo! Awesome job! I knew you’d have a better week this week. 🙂

    And yea on running with the boys. Kids have WAY too much energy in my opinion. Why do we waste all on them? We should get more energy as we get older, not loose it. LOL!

    For shoes, check out Fleet Feet or Flying Feet if you have one near you. But, sometimes small running stores, independently owned will do it too. There’s a great one in Baltimore that I will go to now, even though it’s an hour away because they are really good. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how the exercise goes!!

  3. Fleet Feet is a good choice if they are around, we have them here in Chicago. Both of my visits have been to smaller, independent stores but that was out of convenience. It looks like RoadRunner Sports has some stores in NJ, they might be a good choice too.

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