Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 25, 2009

Life is like a box of HELL

My life is like a box of hell – and in my case – every damn chocolate is the mint one.  In my opinion, everything in hell must be mint flavored.  If there ever was a case of Murphy’s law, my life is the prime example.  I used to think that what didn’t kill me, made me stronger.  I’m starting to think that saying is just a bunch of bullshit – it just makes me suffer more.

Why God???  Why me???  Am I really that high on your shit list???

Update: Just to prove a point – I got my Republic of Tea catalog today.  Guess what flavor my tea bag is?  That’s right.  FUCKING MINT.  Thanks, God.  Thanks a lot!



  1. I will gladly take all your mint chocolates off your hands in hell. In addition to your tea bag. What’s up? Is there anything I can do to help?

  2. You will be able to relate to our website. Have a look and soon you can add your story there as well.
    We too feel like we have been shit on….lost our job, can’t sell the house, got robbed, truck blows up…the list just goes on and on. Everyone has a Murphy story.
    So we coined this phrase…Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong will….Well Murphy Sucks!!
    Wear the shirt, or stick the bumper sticker where ever you like and spread the word.

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