Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 21, 2009

Early Intervention – Speech Delay – Further Update

This morning, I spoke with our pediatrician regarding the therapists’ comment that we should think about removing dairy from The Destroyer’s diet.  This has been shown to help some children with speech delay.  Our doctor was neither really for it or against it.  He cautioned that if we choose to do it, we MUST find a suitable replacement for calcium.  He also cautioned us, that this may not help at all and may create some issues with the reintroduction of milk (such as what we experienced with CheezWaster when we took away his bottle).

The more I thought about the pros and cons of this last night, the more it made me decide that we are going to try it.  1) I have a history of food intolerances/allergies, as does my dad.  Genes and heredity are a bitch.  2) The Destroyer has a reoccurring swollen gland in his groin.  The doctor said that even if he did have some intolerance to dairy, this shouldn’t manifest as a swollen gland.  I disagree.  The doctors are still telling me that I shouldn’t get cysts on my face from eating soy.  Well, guess what?  I do. And it is a proven fact.  Not to mention that we have an appointment in a week at the pediatric surgeon to discuss whether said gland should be removed and biopsied.  Wouldn’t it be a big surprise if the gland, which thus far has been unresponsive to medicine (but did not show up as an issue on blood tests), suddenly went down in size?  In my opinion, it is worth a shot.  3) When CheezWaster got the croup when he was about 21 months old and barely talking, we took away his bottle for 2 reasons – a) we were trying to ween him as I did not want 2 kids on the bottle at the same time and b) he couldn’t have any milk with the phlegm from the croup.  After, he refused to drink milk and started talking more.  Coincidence?  Possibly.  I don’t know.  But again, worth a shot.  CheezWaster now speaks beautifully and clearly and eats dairy in the form of cheese, yogurt and ice cream.  He still won’t touch pure milk, though.  I don’t know what this will bring, but I’ve already purchased Rice Milk and Calcium fortified Orange Juice.  I don’t want to try soy milk given my severe issues with soy.  Hopefully, this will go well without any issues and with any luck, maybe it will help with the speech.  I will keep you posted.



  1. I think your logic makes sense. Try it. It won’t harm him and it could make a world of difference! I wish you tons of luck and hopefully this is the key to getting him to talk. 🙂

  2. Did either Early Intervention or the doctor give you any time frame in which you might expect “improvement”? That’s not really the word I want, but I think you’ll know what I mean. I know it would be hard to ascertain, I’m just curious how long they want you to try going dairy-free (or if it’s an open ended thing). You probably already know this, but dark greens, peas, and beans are dairy free foods that are higher in calcium. Good luck, I hope you can get a clear answer.

  3. I agree with your logic and think you should try it. You also need to do whatever is best for your family. I wish you luck!

  4. I’m just curious if you noticed and results? I’m wondering if this may be what is going on with my 2 year old. Thank you 🙂

    • The therapist that came to our house only came once because I was so displeased with her. She spent an hour literally pounding my son’s hand into his chest trying to get him to say me. He was crying and was clearly not happy. Then she suggested we teach him sign language, which to me was a complete waste of time. We didn’t have a communication problem, we had a speech delay. I will say this, both of my boys developed very physically, very fast. They both walked at around 9 months and spoke at about 2 years, 3 months. Many of my friends’ sons also were not on target with the doctor’s speech timeline. Most spoke shortly after the age of 2. That being said, there are kids who benefit from early speech help. You must base it on your own child and your own experiences. Good luck.

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