Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 20, 2009

Early Intervention – Speech Delay Update

Yesterday, I had 2 therapists visit my home to perform an Early Intervention evaluation for The Destroyer’s lack of speech.  Both ladies were very nice and provided a plethora of information.  During the evaluation, they tested The Destroyer on cognitive, adaptive, speech, emotional and physical skills.  They performed basic task tests using common toys you probably already have around your home such as being able to turn on a flashlight, being able to sort shapes, being able to stack rings, etc.  It was determined that the Destroyer does in fact have a delay in speech and it ranked at his age or even higher in everything else.  Much like CheezWaster, the Destroyer seems to be developing much quicker in the physical set rather than the speech set.  However, after discussing what the therapy would entail, it doesn’t seem like anything different than we already do and even the therapists agreed.  I’m not sure yet if I’m going to pursue the therapy or just wait it out like we did with CheezWaster, who incidentally was deemed to have “a wonderful vocabulary and very clear speech” by the therapists – and he didn’t talk until he was 2, either.  What really shocked me at this evaluation was that even without knowing anything about my history of food allergies/intolerances, they suggested I remove dairy from the Destroyer’s diet.  They explained that many kids have intolerances to things like dairy or gluten and sometimes this is ignored by the doctors.  They also explained that this is sometimes a factor in children having a speech delay.  Neither of my children has exhibited any symptoms of being allergic or intolerant to anything, so I’m unsure that the removal of dairy for the benefit of speech outways keeping the dairy in his diet for obvious health benefit reasons.  This is definitely something I’d like to discuss with our pediatrician.  I know I have heard in the past that a gluten free/casein free diet has helped children with autism, but what are it’s effects on a normal child?  I generally give my children organic dairy products as much as possible primarily because I am allergic to tetracycline, one of the growth hormones given to cows.  But, perhaps this is a better solution than the removal of dairy completely?  I don’t honestly know.  But given my history of extensive food allergy/intolerance knowledge, I was quite surprised to see that this is being suggested as part of a very mainstream program. And I’m anxious to hear my pediatrician’s reaction as well.


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