Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 18, 2009

Answer the Door

In yet another episode of “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” – my husband had to kick down our bathroom door tonight.  Mondays I go to Weight Watchers.  I’m gone for about an hour or so.  Tonight, holy hell broke loose in my house – sort of.  My husband was giving The Destroyer a bottle and then put him in his crib.  He then noticed that CheezWaster was oddly absent from the living room and all of his toys.  He checked his usual disappearance spots – the computer, playing Star Wars toys on the kitchen counter, napping next to some toys on the floor.  No CheezWaster.  He then notices the bathroom door is shut.  So, he gives a knock – assuming CheezWasteris crapping (a boy needs his privacy!).  No answer.  He bangs harder and shouts to CheezWaster.  No response.  At this point, he is getting nervous.  Is he sick, did he hurt himself, did he pass out?  He proceeds to kick or shoulder our bathroom door open, breaking the door frame in the process – only to find CheezWaster sound asleep on the bathroom floor – with the FRIGGIN door locked?!.  CheezWaster was unbelievably exhausted this evening.  And generally, he locks the door when he poops.  I don’t know how he didn’t hear my husband, but the kid does sleep like a rock (when you can finally get him to sleep).  Needless to say, the project of fixing all of the old moulding and doors in our hallway has now come to the forefront of our home projects list (I’m trying to be optimistic here!).  Aren’t kids great?!



  1. Oh heavens! Well, the important thing is, he was safe and sound. I would just start adding up all the repair bills and such and hand the child a bill at 18. Of course, if I were you, I would put him on a payment plan though. What 18 year old has that kind of cash squirreled away? 😉

    • You’d be surprised how much that kid has squirrled away so far!!! So much for his college fund. At this rate, I’m going to start calling it the door fund!

  2. Well then, if he has it, bill him with a 30-day cycle. No sense in letting it accrue too much. LOL!

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