Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 17, 2009

On Your Knees, Biatch!

I spent the better part of last night on my hands and knees.  No, not doing that.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  I was scrubbing stains out of my carpet (see horribly angled picture below).

Carpet Cleaning

The lovely people that sold us our house decided to put in new carpeting before they sold it.  Too bad they put in cheap, shitty BEIGE carpeting.  Now, it looks almost grey.  It has been steam cleaned twice and now with my 2 messy little boys, I must periodically get on all fours and scrub.  I’d love to get new carpeting, but honestly, the idea of having to move all of our stuff makes me think this is a much better/easier option – no matter how much it sucks.  The major demons in our house are the sippy cup and the straw cup.  You know – the ones that aren’t supposed to leak?  Yeah right.  There is always a little drip just waiting to dirty my carpet!  Generally, I vacuum the carpet and then while everyone else sleeps, the little elves (i.e. me) come out and scrub the carpet with Resolve.  This is a horrible job (though this is the cheap option).  In the dead of winter, it makes me sweat like a pig.  My arms hurt like hell the next day and I have to hope and pray that the carpet dries before everyone wakes up and starts making tracks again.  The scale totally better go down tomorrow at Weight Watchers after all of my hard work tonight!!!

Cinderella, cinderella!

Cinderella, cinderella!

Cinderella was my favorite story as a little girl.  You think this is somehow karma coming back to bite me in the ass???


  1. LOL! Exchange cat vomit for sippy cup spills and you have our house! The people put in brand new beige carpeting before we moved in too. I so would have picked a different color.

    Would a small steam cleaner work, rather than doing it by hand? We have a small bissel one. Haven’t used it yet, but the idea was to get up the stains from the cats.

    • my dad had to spot clean before he used his steam cleaner, so it looks like no matter what I do, I’ll have to get on my hands and knees and scrub. I wonder how many activity points in WW that is?! 🙂

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