Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 7, 2009

Finally A Notice

Just when I was getting a bit discouraged that no one outside of my immediate family and friends was noticing my weight loss, someone finally noticed!  One of my co-workers whom I don’t often see approached me today telling me that I looked great.  AND she wanted to know what weight loss plan I was doing to achieve my success.  When I told her it was Weight Watchers, she mentioned how she knew of a few people on the plan that were experiencing similar successes – both men and women.

In another success story, for the past few days, I’ve started wearing the slightly smaller clothes that I bought after I lost some weight with Nutrisystem back in 2006.  Unfortunately, due to the incredible amount of soy in their products (and my soy issues), the Nutrisystem food made me extremely sick and then I gained all the weight back because it didn’t teach me anything other than how to eat soy-filled, pre-packaged food.



  1. Woohoo! You CAN tell! So proud of you. *nod*

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