Posted by: mamamamahoney | August 3, 2009

Fried Green What?

Fried Pickles are YUMMY!

Fried Pickles are YUMMY!

This weekend, we attended the NJ State Fair for the first time.  It was a ton of fun, even though I sweat right through every piece of clothing I was wearing.  In typical fair fashion, the food was all completely unhealthy.  In an effort to stick to my WW plan (in addition to hoarding points for this event), I found the fried item with the least amount of calories – FRIED PICKLES!  (pickles are zero points!)



The thought of frying a pickle grossed me out at first, but when my husband said he had them on his most recent business trip to Mississippi, the land of fried everything, I figured they had to be good – and they were!  The batter was a bit spicy on these which paired nicely with the tart pickle.  I’d venture to say that I actually enjoyed these more than one of those nasty, sweet fried snickers bars or oreos (gasp – did I just say that out loud???!!!)



  1. I thought the state fair ran from the end of June through the first week in July. It’s still going?

    • There are technically 2 state fairs – the one at the meadowlands and this one. This, I believe, is called the NJ State Fair/Sussex County Fair. We found out about it after we attended a military swap meet at the fairgrounds in april.

  2. LOVE fried pickles! Had them in NOLA and just feel in love. Brian doesn’t do pickles, so I never get them. Color me green with envy. haha!

    You look good! You can tell you lost. Good luck tonight!

    • THANK YOU! Forgive my ignorance – what is NOLA? I’m guessing something with Las Vegas, but what is the NO part???

  3. You look great in that picture!! Like Chris said…I can tell that you’ve lost weight…keep up the great work!! 😀

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