Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 24, 2009

Rainy Day/Sick Day Fun

Tuesday was an ugly day for us.  Not only was it pouring outside, but the boys and I were all coughing with swine flu a summer cold.  Since we had just received our box of goodies from Oriental Trading, we thought we’d bust it open for some rainy day/sick day crafting fun. 

I ordered these Unfinished Wood Cars (which unfortunately now are out of stock).  I thought they would be bigger based on the picture, but what turned out to be great is that they fit perfectly on our Thomas train tracks.

CheezWaster paints his wooden car

CheezWaster paints his wooden car

 The boys used these Crayola Paint Brush pens (which were AWESOME!) to paint the cars.  I found these at Toys R Us near all of the Crayola stuff that was on sale this past week.  Sadly, these were not part of the sale, but they were still reasonable at $4.99 for a pack.  I bought 2 packs because you know my kids always have to fight over the blue green marker.  These truly were no drip and cleaned up very easily (off of mats and hands).  They were easy enough for even the Destroyer to use and he is only 19 months old.  You do need to let them dry a bit before giving them to the kids to play with, especially if your kids are like mine and like to color the same spot of something over and over and over.  When I picked these up off of the table to put them somewhere to dry, I had color all over my hands.

Crayola Paint Brush Pens

Crayola Paint Brush Pens

 The Destroyer couldn’t decide what was more fun – coloring the car, coloring on his dinner mat or just playing with the car as it was.

Which is more fun - coloring or playing with the car???

Which is more fun - coloring or playing with the car???

All in all this was a great, inexpensive craft and the kids now have some “new” toys.  And there are enough cars in different designs that we can do this another 2-3 times. 

The Finished Cars

The Finished Cars



  1. Aw, they came out cute! Thanks for a picture of the package, I’ll have to keep my eye out for the paint.

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