Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 21, 2009

WW Update – Week 7

Pounds lost in week 7 – 1.4 pounds

Total weight lost so far – 13.8 pounds

So, it was another Moment of Truth Monday as I stood on the scale for weigh in.  I didn’t think I gained weight, but I wasn’t exactly sure I’d lost any either.  I figured after last week’s big weight loss, this week would surely be a puny one.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it was an average week.  There was nothing particularly worrisome about this week.   We did go to Applebees for dinner on Saturday and I was very disappointed to see that they no longer have their full WW menu.  They do still have about 5 WW entries, but gone are the WW desserts.  Tonight, after I received another bravo sticker for comments (the only one given out tonight!), my meeting leader informed us that WW currently has a lawsuit against Applebees, hence the disappearance of the full WW menu.  Hopefully things will get worked out because I honestly think that was a safe haven for us WW folks.  Decent food without point calculation = enjoyable dinner out.



  1. Great job!!! You’re doing fantastic!

    We stopped going to Applebees. They have horrible service near us, so we don’t bother.

    Do you know of Dotti’s Weight Loss Zone? She has a list of restaurants on her site. That can help when going out.

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