Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 14, 2009

WW Update – Week 6

Pounds lost in week 6 – 3.6 pounds

Total weight lost so far – 12.4 pounds

This week I got the very uplifting shock of a lifetime when I stood on the Weight Watchers scale.  After going to a birthday party on Saturday and eating dinner, 2 cookies, 2 mini cupcakes and 2(ok – maybe 4) rice krispie treats, I still managed to lose more than I have lost in any week thus far.  Not only did I get another 5 pound sticker for losing over 10 pounds, I got the super big 5 sticker for losing 5% of my original weigh in fat ass weight.  I even indulged in a very healthy, weight watcher friendly dinner with a friend right after my meeting.  My clothes are starting to feel looser and my pregnancy pouch has significantly decreased.  AND I hit my first official PERSONAL goal of getting the scale below the dreaded 200.  12.4 down – 50 more to go!  Who knows – maybe even more than 50!



  1. AWESOME!!! Congratulations! I had a week like that a couple ago. I had Burger King and lost over 3 pounds that week. Go figure! 😉 Great job!!!! Keep it up!

  2. YAY! Congrats. This is awesome. Keep up the great work… without all those rice krispy treats 🙂

  3. Congrats! That is great news!!

  4. Whoo freaking hoo!!! You rule…keep it up!!! 😀

  5. That is wonderful and we are truly proud. Remember a good wt. loss week could make for a smaller one next week!

    Keep up the good work!

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