Posted by: mamamamahoney | July 9, 2009

Final Destination

You know in the Final Destination movies how the kids start to see things that indicate death is upon their doorstep?  For instance, the scene in which the kids are in the subway and all of the ads are from the places where their friends perished?  Well, apparently I’m going out by means of a stroke.  Or so this week would indicate.  First, I get 2 emails about strokes – 1 on how to identify a stroke and 1 on the symptoms of strokes.  Then, my mom leaves me an article about migraine headaches and strokes.  This morning I read a stat fact in the new issue of Parents magazine that states women who develop preeclampsia during pregnancy have an increased risk of stroke.  Did I mention that The Destroyer was 5 weeks early due to my massively high blood pressure caused by preeclampsia and that I have a raging migraine today?  Yeah….see what I mean?!


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