Posted by: mamamamahoney | June 30, 2009

WW Update – Week 4

Week 4 weight loss – .8 pounds

Total weight loss on WW so far – 7.2 pounds

I was a little nervous to stand on the scale this week because Sunday was my brother’s birthday and not only did I eat like a pig, I ate cake.  C-A-K-E – marked 9 points in the little WW bible.  My dad made spaetzle, german homemade noodles, and I ate 1 cup plus a hand-full during quality control, the few more I picked out of the bowl while we were all talking at the table.  I was hoping to lose a little more this week, but I think Sunday did me in because the scale Sunday morning looked a little lower than it did on Monday morning.  Oh well.  Any weight loss is good in my book.



  1. Woohoo! Great job! I knew you would lose this week. 🙂 There may have been water issues between Sunday and Monday that kept you from being down more. I bet next Monday will be good. Yea!!

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