Posted by: mamamamahoney | June 25, 2009

Lit Moms

OK mamas.  This is a little scary.  No wait….to me, it is a LOT scary.  Getting lit when you have the tiny tots to take care of?  And, here, I thought my biggest problem of the week was The Destroyer learning to take off his diaper and crapping the carpet.  Now, not only do I have to worry about the lazy moms at the park who are too busy talking on their cell phones and drinking their Starbucks to watch their kids, I have to be weary of the ones that are high, too.  UGH. 

I am a big advocate of the no drugs policy.  I have NEVER, yes, you read correctly, NEVER tried any type of drug for recreational purposes.  I don’t even really drink alcohol.  Call me a teetotaler, a goodie two shoes or a dweeb, but that is just how I feel.  I actually listened to my parents and teachers when they said, “Say No to Drugs”.  I think this is a vital message that needs to be conveyed to our children.  Kids these days are dying from all kinds of stupid drug shit – it is a shame and such a waste.  I think these moms/parents need to stop worrying so much about themselves and focus more on their kids.  There are better ways to reduce stress than lighting up and smoking a joint.

Be high on life, bitches!



  1. where are you? I am looking for a Toronto based super mom for a new tv show.

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