Posted by: mamamamahoney | June 25, 2009


In addition to periods, one of the many things I hate about being a woman is having to shave.  Yes, I could be a hairy beast, but I choose not to be  Call it societal compliance.  I even had to threaten my aunt once while staying at her house in Germany.  I was 15 and she took away my razor stating that in Germany I didn’t have to shave.  Well, yes, there is that old saying “When in Rome do as the Romans do”.  But not me.  In Germany, even with my family, I still shave.  And frankly, I’ve noticed it becoming much more mainstream there as well.  I’m quite particular about my razors.  1) Because I have terrible eye sight and am in the shower with no contacts or glasses, so I need a good razor that isn’t going to meat grinder my legs and 2) because I have VERY sensitive skin.  For the past few years, I’ve been using the Bic Soleil.  But, my friends over at BzzAgent recently sent me the new and improved version of this razor called the Bic Soleil Bella.  And boy does it make me feel Bella!  My 3 year old son even rubbed my legs a few weeks ago when I first started wearing shorts (and shaving).  He then told me I looked beautiful (awwww!).  Anyway – I’m sold on the Bella.  It has 4 blades and a pivot head (something that was missing from the original Soleil).  It also has ez rinse technology which means no nasty dried hairs on your razor the next time you go to use it.  There is even a soothing strip enriched with coconut milk (nice to see something that isn’t chock full of soy for us soy allergy freaks).  With all the primping we women have to do, this new razor helps make it easier and keeps me looking Bella.  Check out the Bic Soleil Bella website for special savings, too!


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