Posted by: mamamamahoney | June 23, 2009

WW Update – Week 3

Well, it was my first disappointing week.  Sadly, I gained .2 pounds.  I know it is trivial, but I’m so bummed.  This was the first week I had to use any of my flex points and it is clear to me that I am unable to do so again anytime soon.  I didn’t even use all of the flex points (though I will admit that what I ate with my flex points was pure crap).  My meeting leader said that she thinks next week I will be pleasantly surprised at my weight loss and that sometimes it is hard going to the Monday meeting after you’ve used flex points on crap over the weekend.  We shall see.  It’s back to lettuce for me this week.



  1. Honestly, weekends are why I don’t weigh in on Monday. There is no way I can be 100% good on the weekends and I know it. I like weighing in on the weekend, that way it keeps me somewhat accountable since it’s normally Sat., so Friday, I have to be decent.

    You should be good next week! I stayed the same last week, which frustrated me. We’ll both have great weeks!

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