Posted by: mamamamahoney | June 23, 2009

Who is This???

On Sunday, we took the kiddies to Sesame Place.  As part of our trip, we had special reservations to see the LazyTown Live show.  CheezWaster loves LazyTown  and shows off all of his super cool moves while the show is on.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that this show at Sesame Place included the real actors of the show……well – ALMOST.

There was Julianna Rose Mauriello aka Stephanie who by the way looks like a lovely young woman these days.

Stephanie from LazyTown

Stephanie from LazyTown

 There was Stefan Karl Stefansson aka Robbie Rotten (CheezWaster’s favorite character on LazyTown!) who is just hilarious.  He came down into the crowd several times and the kids just loved it.

Robbie Rotten from LazyTown

Robbie Rotten from LazyTown

 But, who is this?  This is NOT the super cool (and super hot – shhh don’t tell  my husband!) Magnus Scheving.  THIS is an IMPOSTOR!  But, he sure had the moves down.  This guy was pretty awesome with the Sportacus gymnastics, so I’m guessing/wondering if he is one of the stunt doubles on the show.

(sort of) Sportacus from LazyTown

(sort of) Sportacus from LazyTown

 All in all the show was really cute and the kids loved it.  It would have been awesome to have seen Magnus Scheving, but I’m guessing since he is the CEO of a major European multimedia conglomerate, he has better things to do than shake his ass for some kids (and their slightly obsessed parents) at Sesame Place.


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