Posted by: mamamamahoney | June 19, 2009

Asleep at the Wheel

OK – so it wasn’t at the wheel – it was on the bus.  And I was sleeping so heavily that a good samaritan hadto wake me up as I was the last person on the bus (and probably would have wound up riding the NJ/NY loop until lunch had they not).  I was so embarrassed.  I’ve been riding the bus to NYC for 5 years now and the train to Newark 5 years before that.  I’ve never fallen asleep like this or even missed my stop (though there were 2 close calls).  I guess that is what happens when 1) like a jackass you stay up way too late to watch a funny/cute movie with Amanda Bynes (Sydney White in case anyone cares!) and 2) the night before your kid drinks a ton before bed, pees the floor next to his bed, then takes over your bed so you have to sleep on the floor and then pees that in the morning, too. (it was a long night/morning of pee sheet laundry).


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