Posted by: mamamamahoney | June 12, 2009


Last weekend, we took CheezWaster to see Walking With Dinosaurs.  The tickets were pricey but definitely well worth it.  This was in the NYC area last fall and I desperately wanted to go, but the prices were double here as compared to Wilkes-Barre, PA where we actually saw the show (conveniently my parents have a 2nd house there).  We opted to leave The Destroyer (fka The Sleep Deprivator) home with my parents as he has a terrible aversion to loud noises (which is shocking in itself since he loves to exercise his lungs) and I wasn’t exactly sure how scary the dinosaurs would be for a 1.5 year old.  Anyway – the show was great.  Most of the dinosaurs are animatronic, but a few are operated by people (ala wearing a dino costume).  I have to give my husband props as he noticed this very early on.  I probably wouldn’t have noticed it at all honestly had he not pointed it out.  The dinosaurs are extremely life-like.  Their design is truly masterful.  They look like the real thing.  We took some illegal pics (with my crappy cell phone) which I’ve included below, but the website has some far better pics of the dinosaurs (complete with sound).  We purchased the book from the show which tells you all about the dinosaurs and the people behind the show.  I thought something educational on dinosaurs might be better than some $18 (yes 18 friggin dollars) blinking dino toy.  I highly recommend this show for the 3 and up set, especially little boys into dinosaurs.


Ornithocheirus the Flying Dinosaur

Ornithocheirus the Flying Dinosaur

 This was one of the cooler features of the show.  This dinosaur didn’t really do much other than hover over the smoke filled floor, however, if you watched the screen which you can see on the upper left corner of the picture, it really felt like you were flying with this dinosaur.



 TORO!  This Torosaurus fought another one in order to overtake the position of leader of the herd!

T-Rex and Utahraptor

T-Rex and Utahraptor

 Mama T-Rex watches over her little Utahraptor.

Brachiosaurus & Lilensternus

Brachiosaurus & Lilensternus

 The lighting in the show was very cool (as long as you didn’t want to take pictures – which of course is how they want it, right?!).  Some of the lights actually made the floor look like real, lush greenlands.  You can’t really tell from this picture, but the Brachiosaurus was by far one of the coolest dinosaurs there.  It was humongous and when it came near the audience, it was very close to you.  We sat in row L and I almost felt like this guy was right in my face when he stretched his neck into the audience.

All in all, this show is not only fun and educational, but totally dino-rific!!!


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