Posted by: mamamamahoney | June 2, 2009

The Last Supper

The Last Supper
The Last Supper

Monday night, I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting, courtesy of the fine folks  over at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat?  I totally went in there thinking that the Meeting Leader was going to be some skinny bitch, ala my Step Teacher in College (whom I desperately wanted to feed a donut!), but she wasn’t.  She was an average looking woman who repeatedly mentioned her life-long issues with food.  Not only did I feel empowered there, I felt very comfortable.  I wasn’t the fattest one in the room and everyone talked about the same issues with which I’m dealing.  I’m hoping this plan will be a success for me.  I know that portion control, especially at dinner, is a big issue for me.  I went to a 5:30 meeting, expecting to leave there starving.  Maybe it was the idea of being at Weight Watchers, but I wasn’t hungry when I left.  I immediately went to the grocery store afterwards and purchased some healthy foods to embark on my new food journey.  Though, I must admit, all the while I was in the meeting, I really was thinking I should have made something better for dinner as my last meal before the diet.  Above is what I cooked for dinner before I went to the Weight Watchers meeting.  This diet is definitely going to take some planning until I start to know the points of everything, but I’m writing everything in the journal and I’m determined to succeed.  I’m going to have to start moving my ass exercising, too.  I’ve got 60 pounds to lose from CheezWaster’s birth just to get back into my old wardrobe.  If I manage to do that, I’m going for another 20, too.  I mean, really, 60? 80?  What’s the difference at that point!  So, dear friends, wish me luck, cheer me on and hopefully soon, I’ll be able to post some before and after pics!



  1. You can do it! And that’s not a bad last meal. LOL! Everyone has one. I usually go for pizza and fries. Yum!

  2. Honestly, WW isn’t that bad once you begin to get an idea of how much things are worth. You can eat ANYTHING, as long as you stay within your points. This is why I once had nine Wilbur buds for lunch. It was a long, hungry afternoon, but I was still on my diet and I ate what I wanted. If only we could come to an understanding about my love of dairy products, I would stay on WW forever (Seriously, 1 oz of cheese is 3 points. Life is not worth living without cheese.)

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