Posted by: mamamamahoney | May 29, 2009

And So It Begins

As I mentioned a bit ago, I won 3 months free of Weight Watchers (which my fat ass desperately needs!).  My vouchers just came last week, so I have not yet attended a meeting, but I sort of know how the points system works, so I’m trying to be conscious of what I’m eating in preparation.  Yesterday, I took a quick trip to Whole Foods on the hunt for a high fiber cereal since I know that points go down significantly as fiber goes up (and I was having a hard time finding something reasonable in points to eat for breakfast).  I also know that I have a terrible time finding high fiber stuff since it usually is chock full of soy which equals scary, ugly allergy face for me.  Anyway, I was successful and found Barbara’s Ultima Organic High Fiber Cereal.  The picture on the box (see below) didn’t make it look very appealing (kind of like tree bark), but at this point I’m willing to sacrifice to lose my 3 year old (60 pounds! AGH!) of baby weight.  So, I dutifully measured out my 1/2 of a cup and boy was I shocked.  it didn’t even cover the bottom of my bowl.  That in itself just proved what a glutinous bastard I am.  But, I ate my 1/2 of a cup with a 1/2 of a banana, a few pieces of strawberries (in case the cereal was nasty – it wasn’t! It was good!) and my fat free milk.  And it is 2 hours later and I’m not even hungry.  I’m usually starving by now.  Hopefully, I will have some success with all of this.  For me, I know it comes down to willpower and right now I have tons.  So onward and downward with the scale numbers.

Ultima High Fiber Cereal

Ultima High Fiber Cereal



  1. Yea, portions kill me too! I am addicted to the Special K Blueberry cereal. 2 points for 3/4 a cup. Not sure if you can eat that, but it’s tasty! Veggies will be your friend. Corn on the cob is 1 point and most other veggies are 0 points. We do a lot of veggies as a side at dinner.

    Let me know if you have questions. I have tons of books and recipes! Good luck!!!

  2. Oatmeal is good for breakfast too, it’s decent food for the points. I try to keep a lot of veggies around. Like Chris said, most of them are free, so if you are a miser like me and make a big salad with just vinegar and salt it is ZERO points. Which is pretty awesome. Salsa is generally free as well and good for veggie dipping.

    I could keep going, but I feel like I sound sadder and sadder the more I write. My last piece of advice is that Hostess (I think) make 100-calorie packs of little cupcakes, three to a pack. The chocolate ones with the cream filling have a lot of fiber in them, so I they come out to something like 2 points a pack. Yum.

  3. Oh! I’ve been addicted to dried cherries lately. Delish! And I eat a handful before I run and really can tell the difference between a run with cherries and without. Check ’em out. You’ll get addicted! LOL!

  4. No words of wisdom…just wanted to let you know that I am routing for you. I need to get on my diet again, just don’t feel like it. LOL

  5. How’s it going????

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