Posted by: mamamamahoney | May 28, 2009

What Makes a Good Mom?

I’d like to think I’m a good mom. No scratch that….I AM a good mom. Though, some days there are people in my life that make me think otherwise with their comments and actions. So, to my public, I propose the question of What Makes a Good Mom? In my opinion, I think if you raise a polite, respectful child who knows right from wrong, you are on a good track. Some days, I may be tough, but sometimes, tough is what it takes. No one is perfect and no matter how much you try and instill in your kids, they won’t be perfect either. Lessons need to be taught, but also learned.  What I don’t like is when people blatantly disagree with how I parent my children or make absurd suggestions on how I should raise them. I don’t tell anyone else how to raise their kids and I’m sure no one told my parents how to raise kids either – and I turned out just fine. We all have different parenting styles, but in the end, my kids are mine – and mine to parent and I’m sure they will turn out just fine, too.



  1. Well, when my kids act up, I squirt them with water. Unfortunately, that never seems to work… 😉

    I actually applaud the tough parent road. I think it’s hard these days to be that type of parent, but in the long run, it’s what it takes to make a good adult. None of this, “I want to be their friend.” crap. Discipline and tough love is what children are lacking these days. Kuddos to you for raising the little ones right.

  2. You do what you can – some days are winners, and others I am just glad to have survived. I am certain that I am screwing up my children in my own special way. I like the water approach though 🙂

    • Hey – if we didn’t screw them up a little, life wouldn’t be “normal”, right?!

  3. Danielle, as Nicole knows, my kids happen to be furry. I have three cats and while most cats abhor water, my three like to open their mouths and drink. Frustrating to say the least. I don’t think I’ve graduated from cats to children yet. LOL!

    • yeah – if only that water thing worked on kids. You spray them once and 1) they want more and 2) they start sucking on your (for hair) water bottles. I’m on my third already! Damn kids break everything!

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