Posted by: mamamamahoney | May 26, 2009

Our Garden

This weekend, we finally had decent enough weather to plant our garden.  As much work as it is getting the garden ready, I just love that we get to eat things we’ve grown, saved the family money and since we grow our garden organically, helped the environment.

First, my husband (with some help from CheezWaster) tilled the garden.  This is the hardest part of getting the garden ready.  I’ve tried to do this and I honestly don’t have the power in me to get the shovel that deep into the dirt.  My job is to even everything out after the tilling.

Tilling the Garden

Tilling the Garden

 Then, my husband had the fine pleasure of digging his very own hole to China finding 2 more fence posts in the garden.  We dug one up last year.  There must have been an old fence there years ago.  It was never part of the house from the point we purchased it.  These posts were about 3-4 feet in the ground.

Digging Out the Old Fence Posts

Digging Out the Old Fence Posts

 Not only was the post about 3 feet down, my husband still had to yank that monstrosity out of the dirt.

Old Fence Post Finally Removed

Old Fence Post Finally Removed

 There is something about gardening that soothes my soul.  I always feel very peaceful when tending the garden (despite sweating like a pig).  It is like my own little patch of heaven.

My Garden Patch

My Garden Patch

It doesn’t look like much now, but in a few months this patch will be overflowing (I hope!) with corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, paprika peppers, banana peppers, cabbage and leek.



  1. Yea! Looks lovely. And even more so when things come in!

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