Posted by: mamamamahoney | May 21, 2009

It’s Planting Season

We are very fortunate to have a nice patch of garden space in the backyard of our home.  The previous owners composted and thus the soil is just fabulous.  Every year since we purchased our home 8 years ago, we’ve planted a garden.  Each year we plant staples like tomatoes and cucumbers, but I also like to try my hand at something new each year.  Last year, Cheezwaster had a blast picking tomatoes (once I finally got it through to him that they had to be red to be picked!) and searching for cucumbers under all of our pumpkin vines.  This weekend we’ll be planting and on the menu for this summer are: tomatoes, cucumbers, leek, cauliflower, paprika, corn and Italian banana peppers.  It should be another fun and fruitful summer.  The kids really love the garden.  When we ripped out the old, dead plants from last year, the kids marvelled at the bug world that was living under our weed paper.  Saturday, I’m sure they will have a blast digging up worms while we plant.  Not only do we get to do something fun as a family, but we also  reap the fruits of our labor.  Nothing tastes better than a summer Jersey tomato plucked right from the plant in the backyard garden.  Happy Gardening!
2008 Garden

2008 Garden



  1. Your garden sounds lovely. 🙂 I want to try this year, but in containers. WAY too many animals around here to try putting it in the ground. Good luck!!

  2. Aw, CW was a baby last summer!! Look how much he’s grown!

    You don’t put mulch over your weed paper? Do you water every night? I’m always concerned that the soil would dry out too quickly without the mulch. How did I not notice this while in your backyard the past two summers??

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