Posted by: mamamamahoney | May 19, 2009

I’ve Created a Potty Treat Monster!

Potty training is going AMAZINGLY well (knock on wood!)  CheezWaster is the champion pee-er and has been doing great with pooping on the potty.  Though, there has been one little spoiler to all of this success.  He now thinks that every time he pees on the potty he should get a small toy and a big toy for poops.  We started that to give him some incentive in the beginning when M&Ms and other food treats (a favorite of some of my mom friends) just weren’t cutting it.  My kid wouldn’t pee on the potty for an entire bag of M&Ms, much a less 2 or 3.  Anyway, over the weekend, we finally just bit the bullet and created a chart.  For every day that he doesn’t have an accident of any kind, he gets a sticker.  When he has 10 stickers, he gets to pull a paper out of the potty treat jar.  Each paper has something on it like a day of bowling, a night out for ice cream or a trip to our local kiddie amusement park.  I tried to list things on the papers that we would probably be doing over the summer anyway (since he is getting to good at this potty thing).  I don’t want him to regress, but I also don’t want him spoiled (any more than he already is!).  Today he peed on the potty at my parents’ house and told my mom that they had to go to Target to get a small toy now.  The monster rears its ugly head once again.  What have I done?????????


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