Posted by: mamamamahoney | May 19, 2009

Are My Kids Going to be OK?

My kids (and I) have been ridiculously sick lately.  I’ve never thought of our family as the sickly type, but lately another kid breathes on us and we get some kind of cold, runny nose, fever, or other (really minor in the grand scheme of things) plagues (and I seem to get it 3 times as bad as they do).  But, this new swine flu epidemic is making me nuts….literally.  First, you hear it is spreading faster than wild fire.  Then, the news asks, did the CDC make too much of a big deal out of it.  More schools close.  People are dying.  Toddlers are dying.  I’m so paranoid.  Yesterday, CheezWaster had a fever.  I don’t know why and it appears to be gone today.  This morning I heard on the news that another child had a fever, the parents gave him Tylenol, put him to bed and when they checked on him, he was blue.  They immediately took him to the hospital and he died.  He was exposed to people with flu like symptoms.  Scary – that is all I can say.  We haven’t been exposed to people with the flu, but I commute to New York City and my dad picked up a wicked cough from god knows where.  People don’t stay home when they are sick.  They schlep their sick kids everywhere.  That gives me cause for concern.  And for paranoid folks like me, you have to wonder if this isn’t some type of germ warfare.  I know thousands of people die from the everyday flu every year and I’m sure I am being overly cautious these days, but in this world you have to be.  Take care and be safe!


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