Posted by: mamamamahoney | May 1, 2009

Bad Ass

Yesterday, my husband and I finally had a pleasant car buying experience.  We purchased the very “bad ass”, very American built Dodge Charger (in Dark Titanium in case you care).  The folks over at John Johnson Dodge in Boonton, NJ ROCKED!  Not only were they extremely knowledgeable (they even told me stuff about my Dodge Grand Caravan that I didn’t know – thanks Rich!), but they gave us a great deal on a car.  You know you are in a good ole family dealership when the boss man himself comes out and chats with you.

In late 2007, we purchased a Dodge Grand Caravan with my company’s discount which I love.  The great thing about this was no haggling.  The price was what it was.  The dealership from which we purchased the car has since gone out of business and good riddance, I say.   Their sales people sucked and they refused to pay out the referral bonus that was promised to my parents (the primary reason we went there) and then had the balls to send me a paper offering me a referral bonus if I referred someone.  I promptly wrote some not so nice words on the back of it and mailed it back to them.  Lesson learned.



  1. congrats!

  2. Yea new car! Those Chargers are nice. Good choice!

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