Posted by: mamamamahoney | April 23, 2009

Taking One For the Team

Black 'N Blue

Black 'N Blue

I apologize for the quality of this picture, as I took it with my cell phone camera in the bathroom stall here at work (I wonder what the person in the stall next to me thought I was taking a picture of???  LOL!)  This is my right thigh.  With the crappy quality and close range of this photo, it doesn’t look terribly bad, but I will tell you that it is an ugly shade of purple, about 3 inches long and hurting like an SOB!  Yesterday, I tripped on CheezWaster’s sippy cup which he left sitting on the stairs (brilliant!).  I was carrying The Sleep Deprivator and CheezWaster’s stash of Star Wars toys down the stairs when it happened.  In a major effort and defiance of gravity, I somehow avoided hurting The Sleep Deprivator.  I even managed to avoid breaking any bones.  I did twist my ankle a little bit and added that lovely body art to my right thigh.  Needless to say, I’m walking with my gangster limp today.



  1. Loving the bruise. Very nice! 😉 It looks like something I would do. LOL! Hope it stops hurting. Bruises are fine as long as they don’t hurt.

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