Posted by: mamamamahoney | April 21, 2009

Sense & Cough

My dear friends over at BzzAgent recently sent me a Glade Sense & Spray unit to try out.  I liked the idea of having something in the room where I change the kids’ diapers/pull ups to help combat the smell (the diaper champ can only do so much!).  Unfortunately, this product had more cons than pros for us.  On the pro side, the sensor was great and always spray the scent when we walked into the room.  The smell of the Clean Linen scent we received to test was also nice.  On the con side, though, the smell was terribly strong.  One spray filled our entire house with the overwhelming smell of Clean Linen.  And it makes me cough.  A lot.  Even after the smell has dissipated.  Yesterday I was out all morning and did not cough once.  When I came home and one spray went off, my coughing fit started and lasted all night.  Needless to say, I think this is probably a great product for some other house.  I’ll stick with the slightly not so pleasant diaper smell that sometimes lingers in my house.  At least it doesn’t send me into a major coughing fit.


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