Posted by: mamamamahoney | March 13, 2009

Customer Service – The Good and The Bad

This week I have experienced both the good and the bad in the world of customer service (or disservice as the latter case may indicate).  My bad customer service experience came courtesy of CheezWaster’s gymnastics office.  They called me to tell me that The Sleep Deprivator is now too old to be the “baby” on the floor and I have 3 options – 1) move CheezWaster up to the next class and keep The Sleep Deprivator in the waiting area with me; 2) sign The Sleep Deprivator up for the mommy &  me class in which we are currently enrolled (which I had full intentions of doing the next pay cycle); or 3) stop coming all together.  Allegedly, this was initiated by one of the mom’s in our class complaining about The Sleep Deprivator getting in the way.   I’m not really mad about the whole situation, but rather the manner in which it was handled.  The teacher, with whom I had previously discussed enrolling The Sleep Deprivator (and who has been our teacher for 2 years now), never said anything to me.  The complainer mom in class never expressed any concern to me (and in fact all of the moms in the class are very friendly, so I’d really like to know who it was!).  When the gym called, they were very unprofessional and rude, but frankly, I think that is just the nature of the office manager.  I felt like I had just received the bad mommy call.  Anyway – as of Monday morning, The Sleep Deprivator will be an official member of the gymnastics class.

My good customer service experienced happened at Whole Foods.  I’ve been a loyal Whole Foods shopper ever since the days of my food allergies and they consistently have had great customer service (people who helped me find allergy free products when I didn’t know where to start, the customer service desk who gave me a new CD – no questions asked – when the CD I purchased wasn’t in my bag).  Yesterday, a very helpful and knowledge young lady in the healthy & beauty section directed me to some new products to try for my freakazoid face that is experiencing some issues again due to my hormone hell frequent changes in birth control over the past few months.  She helped me look at a bunch of different items for sensitive skin and every time one included an ingredient that I know bothers me, she quickly knew where to go next.  We finally settled on this Wild Rose Cleansing Lotion from Weleda.  I used it last night for the first time and not only did it smell good, it didn’t turn my face bright red AND my skin felt like a baby’s bare ass.  Now, the jury is still out on this because….well….it is me and my face problems, but I have high hopes.  And if this doesn’t work out, I know who to talk to at Whole Foods for some other suggestions.


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