Posted by: mamamamahoney | March 12, 2009

Pick A Preposition

Yesterday was a really good potty day.  CheezWaster used the potty at the theatre (we saw Dora Live) and at Wendy’s (or shall we say ON, ALL OVER, UP & DOWN – pick your preposition – I’m sure any will apply the way his piss was flying in the bathroom – but at least it wasn’t my bathroom!)  He even continued to use the potty at home in the evening.  He did pee his pull-up at Family Dinner, though, because he was too busy running around like a maniac to take a potty break.  All in all – a really good day.

Today?  Not so much.  He again refused to use the potty at my parents’ house, so we shall see how this evening goes when we are back home.



  1. Hang in there – it sounds like he’s getting it!

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