Posted by: mamamamahoney | March 6, 2009

What happened to “Have it your way”?

You know why McDonald’s had such a big profit last year?  Because Burger King suddenly SUCKS!  It is really hard for me to say that because in a Mamamamahoney taste test, I would pick Burger King over McDonald’s every time.  Not to mention that I’m connected to the place as it was my place of employment during high school.  In the past 2 weeks (no dieting comments, please!) I have been to BK twice and twice they buggered up my order big time.  All I want is an Angry Whopper.  And they only thing BK got was an Angry Customer.  The first time, my Whopper was not Angry, but Double.  The second time, I sort of got an Angry Whopper, but it was missing the cold fixins – lettuce, tomato, onion – and most certainly did not look like the tasty, mouth watering Angry Whopper picture on the menu board.  Damn you BK – next time I’m just going to go order a Big Mac.  At least the almighty M packs my order properly!!!



  1. what’s an angry whopper?

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