Posted by: mamamamahoney | February 26, 2009

Water Main Break

Because everything in my life seems to be about the toilet these days………………….Upon entering my office building this morning, I found out there was a water main break and there was no water in the building and more importantly, that you could not use the restrooms.  The first thing I typically do when I walk into work is use the facility.  Juice and a 1.5 hour commute = in major need of a potty break.  We were told to either use the restrooms in the building of our other offices around the corner or the hotel across the street.  I opted for the Helmsley Hotel across the street (I walk past this hotel frequently and always hear lots of foreigners, so it must either be a cheap hotel or offer good package deals to the overseas market).  They have lovely bathrooms and the breakfast buffet (what I could see of it from the lobby) looked quite tasty.  We were told the water would be back on by 11 and by the way your brain likes to play tricks on you when you are deprived of something, you could have thought that someone had a faucet running next to me or did one of those nasty tricks of putting your hand in warm water while you sleep, because all I could think about was how much I needed to go to the bathroom.  Oh, how I wished I had had a headache this morning – then I wouldn’t have spent so much time thinking about the restroom.  Thankfully, the water was back on at 10:49 and suddenly I no longer had the urge to pee my brains out.


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