Posted by: mamamamahoney | February 26, 2009

The Bitter End

Yesterday, CheezWaster wore his last diaper.  By choice?  No – Not really.  He was all but fully potty trained until the damn peacock attack.  Since then he has used the potty sporadically, but not with any real consistency.  I tried the bare ass thing.  I tried the underwear thing.  And I cleaned up pee from the floor.  So, I told CheezWaster that once this pack of diapers was gone, he was going to have to wear Pull-Ups.  We started doing the countdown a few days ago.  Firstly, I have 4 packs of Pull-Ups from the summer when he was actually using the potty and he is just about at the weight limit.  Secondly, he is more than capable and old enough to start using the potty.  I’m not totally sure this is going to work either, but it is worth a try.  We gave him a treat (a Star Wars book – yes, I feed the obsession!) for wearing the Pull-Ups and using the potty yesterday and I’m hoping that it will be a small amount of incentive to keep it going.  We keep telling him that diapers are for little boys like The Sleep Deprivator and since he is a big boy, he needs to wear big boy pants.  I will keep the online world informed of our progress. 

PROGRESS REPORT: Today – Day 2 – refused to put on Pull-Ups for Opa until Opa called Mommy and Mommy talked to the Big Boy on the phone.  Number of times on the toilet as of 1:55 pm – ZERO!



  1. Sorry 😦

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