Posted by: mamamamahoney | February 24, 2009

Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday!

When I was younger, I spent my summers in Germany with my aunt (and uncle – brother and sister so they don’t live in the same house).  These times were some of the best and rewarding times of my life and I truly miss those trips.  One of the many things I looked forward to about these trips was spending time with Frau Krauth, the true German hausfrau that owned the 2 family home in which my aunt lives.  She cooked everything from scratch, farmed the garden in the backyard and on the acre they owned, raised and slaughtered rabbits for food, as well as told some great stories.  Her own grandchildren never seemed interested in spending an evening shelling peas with her, but I loved it.  When I was a child, I only knew my maternal grandmother and she passed away when I was 11 (the year my Germany trips began – my parents sent me to avoid having me spend the summer cooped up in the house with my dying grandmother).  Frau Krauth and her husband (Opi) became my surrogate grandparents.  She always sent me home with an ample supply of her homemade (and fabulous) Strawberry-Rhubard jam and there was always a Sugar Cake waiting for me upon my arrival.  One thing I’ll always remember about those trips were the Tuesday meals.  Tuesdays were always a sweet meal (ala Fat Tuesday) – whether it was raisin dumplings with vanilla sauce or homemade waffles on the wood burning stove (with the waffle iron built in).  It was only a short time that I was allowed to enjoy these meals, as my food allergies developed shortly thereafter. But, I can still remember the wonderful smells, tastes, stories and cooking lessons that I received while in Germany.  While Frau Krauth is no longer with us, she did bless me with some of her recipes, though nothing I make will ever be as good as the original!



  1. That is such a lovely story. She sounds like a wonderful woman. 🙂

    And a smart one to have a waffle maker built into her woodburning stove. *nod*

  2. YUM. Great story!

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