Posted by: mamamamahoney | February 20, 2009

Another Average Everyday Commute

I’ve officially deemed the 114 NJ Transit Bus Line the Freak Bus.  Last night, I was flanked by Whale Man and The Moaner.  The guy behind me had some game or movie that kept making these noises that sounded like whales.  Every few minutes I would hear ‘Whouaaaa’.  Then it would stop for a while and then start up again.  The man sitting directly next to me kept moaning.  I watched him to make sure nothing nasty was going on and thankfully there wasn’t.  He had 2 distinct types of moans.  The first was the ‘sigh moan’ – kind of like what women do when they want a man to ask them what’s wrong (admit it – you know you’ve done this!).  The other was the ‘I’m trying to take a big crap moan’.  I think he might have been mentally challenged – at least that is what I’m hoping.  Am I a freak magnet?  Do these freak shows see me on the bus and think I look too normal and need some freaky in my life?

Oh and what is up with all the police out in force in NYC?  Grand Central and Port Authority were teaming with police and police dogs today.  Which can only mean one thing – drugs or bombs.  I’m thinking they probably weren’t looking for someone’s pot stash during the morning commute.  So America/NYC – Are we on heightened alert again?



  1. You do seem to attract the weirdos 😦

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