Posted by: mamamamahoney | February 17, 2009

Does This Work for you?

Yesterday’s dinner conversation:

CheezWaster:  Mama, I so tired. (as he stops eating and puts head down on table – at this point he has eaten a precious little)

Me: OK – why don’t you go lay on the sofa?

Cheezwaster: (laying on sofa all snuggly warm suddenly jumps up in a burst of energy when he sees Daddy eating chocolate covered pretzels) – Daddy, can I have one?

Me: No – you didn’t eat your dinner.  You need to come eat 2 pieces of meat and 2 pieces of broccoli and then you can have one.

CheezWaster bursts into song – the ABC song to be exact.

CheezWaster: Mama, did that work?  I get a pretzel now?

My husband and I are laughing like hell now!

Me: Um, no!  2 meat, 2 broccoli and you can have a pretzel!

Don’t you just love his bargaining skills!  A song for a pretzel!  So clever and cute!



  1. Can I have a chocolate covered pretzel? I can either break into song or I did eat my WHOLE slice of veggie lasagna tonight. Your choice.

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